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Forever Living Products DubaiThe story of Forever Living Products starts with one man and a great dream. Rex Maughan, the  founder ans CEO of the FLP had been looking a business thought that would unite the two greatest goal of his life: better wellbeing and financial freedom

What Rex and the first FLP merchants soon realized was that quite a lot people were looking for the same things they were. Individuals were burnt out on listening to the same old prescription for how to feel better. They were searching for new, alternative ways for enhancing their wellbeing. What’s more, for some, enhancing their wellbeing was only the start. What they found was an open door that gave them more control over how they invested their energy and how they earned a wage.

Forever Living Products rapidly developed from one man’s dream  into the dream of millions. The quality of our products and the straightforwardness of our  marketing plan implied that any individual who wanted to could enhance their personal life. Some began as clients looking for better wellbeing products, then developed from fulfilled clients to Forever Business Owners. Others saw the business potential quickly and started building a fruitful association. Whatever their purpose behind getting included, the outcomes were the same. Their prosperity developed, and they helped other people get to be healthier and wealthier. Today, it has grown into a global giant since it began trading in 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, over 9.5 million Forever Business Owners enjoy the support and guidance required to live healthier and wealthier lives.

Rex Maughan founded FOREVER with a the vision of bringing the health benefits of aloe vera to the entire world.  Through personal experience, he had been impressed many times over by the properties of this plant. He shares, “My aim is to help people lead a healthier life, and make them feel better.”


FOREVER continues to expand its services and operations worldwide.

FOREVER has been accredited with the following ISO quality certifications:

ISO 9001:2000 for Quality Management Systems, click here to view the certification.

ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management Systems, click here to view the certification.

ISO 18001:1999 for Worker Health & Safety Standards, click here to view the certification.ALoe Vera Fields Forever Living PRoducts

Rex Maughan – Chairman of the Board and CEO

With over 40 years of inspirational leadership and sound management principles, Rex Maughan has dedicated most of his life to helping people achieve what they want in life. An alumnus of ASU Business School, Rex has built a group of economy-proof companies that spans the globe. Rex is Chairman of the Board, President, and Director of the Forever Group that touches disciplines ranging from direct sales, agriculture, manufacturing, leisure, property, livestock and charities.

Prior to forming Forever Living Products, Rex Maughan was already a successful businessman, being the Vice President of a multi-million dollar company in Phoenix, Arizona. The relatively young industry of network marketing caught his attention because of its ability to provide the opportunity for financial freedom for people, regardless of education or background. Rex Maughan has ploughed back the profits of this amazing company into an expanding Resorts Division, including the famous ‘Southfork Ranch’ in Dallas, underpinning the financial strength of FOREVER even further.

“Why spend your life working to build someone else’s dream? Why not build your own?”

                  My Story

FOREVER, with its very competitive marketing plan, has helped millions of people from different parts of the world to realize their dreams they never imagined possible.

Forever Living Products Business Opportunity

FOREVER has given me the chance to share the wonderful opportunity of enjoying financial freedom and unlimited income potential by being a distributor of its amazing products with the entire world.  FOREVER can be your path to success. Health and financial opportunities await you as a distributor. We, the FBO of FOREVER, will teach and support you in your business. FOREVER rewards your achievement.

Sherryll Millicent G. Paguio

Manager, Worldwide Business Builder


FBO ATP ID 971000358632

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