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Certified Quality of Forever Living Products



Forever is extremely proud of the quality and purity of all its products. Not only do we have state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities, we are also the proud owners of several official certifications that show the quality and the robust processes our products undergo. Here are some of the core certificates that we have been awarded for our excellence:

International Aloe Science CouncilIASCsealVector w R

Founded in 1981, the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) was formed to protect the Aloe Vera industry against unfair competition and unnecessary regulations. It exists to ensure ethical practices are followed in the Aloe Vera industry, and it has a strong code of ethics that must be followed to warrant IASC status.

Companies with Aloe products that meet the high standards outlined by IASC are certified and allowed to display the International Aloe Science Seal of Approval. This critical testing program began in 1985 and in 1986, IASC announced that Forever Aloe Vera Gel and Forever Aloe Berry Nectar would be the first products to meet (and exceed) the International Aloe Science Council’s high standards.

The International Aloe Science Council continues to carry out a strict inspection and testing program on Forever’s Aloe, and we are proud to share that a significant number of Forever’s products have been awarded with IASC’s Seal of Approval.


Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley and it is often added to foods to help them maintain their shape, due to its glue-like properties. Intolerances to wheat and gluten are now widely diagnosed, which is why Forever is pleased to offer a wide range of products that have been certified as gluten-free.


We know that following a vegetarian or vegan-friendly diet is extremely important to many of our Forever Business Owners and customers around the world. We, therefore, feel that it’s important to share that a wide number of Forever’s products are in fact free from animal by-products and therefore considered suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


The term ‘kosher’ is linked to cleanliness, purity and supervision. It is a process of food production that adheres to strict dietary guidelines outlined in Jewish law. For a product to be considered kosher, it must first go through a detailed and controlled technical procedure that abides by the steps outlined in the Torah. Kosher products meet very rigid standards of purity and quality which is why Forever is proud to offer a selection of products under this category.

leaping-bunny-logoLeaping Bunny

Forever is against all animal testing and we are committed not to test on animals in any part of our supply chain. We proudly hold Leaping Bunny accreditation, an internationally-recognised certification for cosmetics, personal care and household products, which is awarded to companies that do not test on animals.


Since 1982, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) has been committed to helping its consumers with halal information. Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted, and eating halal food is a dietary set of guidelines for Muslims living an Islamic lifestyle. IFANCA’s certification symbol, the crescent ‘M’, is attached to products they certify as halal, but to qualify, goods must adhere to rigid guidelines and quality checks. Halal products are free from alcohol and questionable ingredients of animal origin, and Forever is proud to display the crescent ‘M’ halal certification on many of its products.

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