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Facts About Running And Jogging That People Do Not Know

Many people are adopting the system of going for a morning run or morning jog since it gives them a fresh start for the day. The major difference between running and jogging is the intensity of the exercise. Running takes more demands from the body since it requires speed and more effort from the lungs and muscles. Jogging requires less speed and energy but they are both forms of aerobic exercises. Both exercises are very beneficial to the body if practiced in the right way.

Running and jogging improves your mood

Working out regularly helps you to get a fresh start on your day hence creating a good mood trough out the day. It helps the body to release endorphins, which are feel good hormones that help the body to have a rush of good feelings. It boosts your self-esteem and helps you to approach your day with excitement and confidence.

It helps to prevent cardio vascular disorders

Jogging and running are the oldest forms of aerobic exercises and they are the most popular ones in the world. People discovered that it helps to reduce the risk of developing heart disease as well as other cardio vascular ailments. It lowers cholesterol levels in your blood hence reducing the chances of having high blood pressure. You also lower your chances of getting hypertension by jogging regularly.

It helps to keep your weight on check

Most people take up jogging in order to regulate their weight. You burn 150 calories within each mile of jogging. If you have a regular jogging or running routine, you help your body to burn all the extra calories hence regulating your overall weight. Research reveals that you continue burning calories for up to 48 hours after a good run.

Jogging and running keeps some cancers away

Researches revealed that if you have a good level of oxygenation in individual cells then you lower the risk of getting most cancerous cells. Most of the time, cancerous cells with low oxygen supplies mutate fast and turn malignant. Jogging and running gives the body a chance to increase the supply of oxygen to every part of the body hence preventing such cancerous activity.

You get strong joints and muscles

Running and jogging is the best exercise to help you increase muscle and bone mass. It puts most of your joints and muscles in to work hence improving their overall well-being. Your joints are susceptible to arthritis if they remain inactive for long periods. Running and jogging improves overall muscle and joint mobility and helps them to live healthy for long.

It promotes mental health

Being in shape build mental strength and improves your self-esteem. A good jog releases endorphins in the body and leaves you feeling good all day long. This can help you to overcome depression, stress and other self-esteem related problems. Running or jogging in the morning or evening when everything is quiet can create a peaceful state of mind to help you deal with a stressful lifestyle.

It boosts your overall immunity

Building muscle and cardio vascular strength leads to a healthy lifestyle. You develop a strong immune system that can easily fight infectious pathogens in the body. You also boost your cardio vascular system and keep off some ailments such as obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension and other common health problems.

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